Kifune Shrine is known for god of water in Kyoto.
You may think that it is difficult to access the shrine because of the two transfer of train or subway and buses, but they have arranged the timings so that you can get there in good time. 
If you just want to visit the shrine, you can go out in the morning and come back to the city center at lunch time.
The shrine has been popular among people who run breweries and restaurants.
Listening to the murmuring of the river and breathing in the scent of the trees, you will feel the body being purified as you reach the inner shrine. And there, you can feel the presence of God.

water is fearful, water is precious

Now the name of this area is Kibune, but the shrine is called Ki-Fu-Ne.
Water is the source of life for all things. 
Ki-fu-ne is believed to be the root(Ne) of Ki, the source from which Ki arises(Fu), and by touching the Ki of the gods, it is said that your body to be filled with Ki.
It is a place that is both refreshing and frightening at the same time.

A quick visit in the morning is recommended, or a combination with Kurama dera temple.

inner shrine


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