"Maido Ookini!" "Ookini!" When you leave various shops in Kyoto, you may be asked by a clerk. It is a typical Kyoto dialect that is also famous as a Maiko's cliché.

By the way, the word "Ookini" is generally used as a word to express gratitude, but in fact, the word "Ookini" is an adverb that means "very" and "greatly".Originally, "Ookini" must be followed by a meaningful word. Otherwise it will not be a meaningful word. For example, "Ookini + Thank you" or "Ookini + happy".

But in Kyoto, where you are required to read the speaker's intentions without telling everything, you cannot hear the words that follow "Ookini."So, in some cases, it may have negative meanings such as "Ookini" + "dislike", "Ookini" + "angry". It's a little scary.

But don't worry. I think most of the "Ookini" used in stores and hotels in Kyoto is used to mean "thank you for coming!".


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