The holy stone that is said to be the closest to the gods and Buddha.
In ancient times, people on the continent believed it to be a piece of the pedestal that supports the earth or crush it into pieces and used as a medicine.
The deep midnight blue is the color of an amulet to restore peace and tranquility to daily life.

Yakushi Ruriko Nyorai is the Buddha with a pot of medicine in his hand.
Along this path, leading up to Inabado Temple is where he stands.

“I’m home”
On Akezu street, the ordinary Kyoto life can be seen.

A small wooden house is the home of a familiar friend from long ago.
Soft scent of wood that fills the room is medicine for the soul.

A tiny hideaway in the town centre.
Living in harmony with and nostalgia.

Indulge in a unique stay in a Chambre d'hote, nestled quietly on a hidden backstreet in the heart of Kyoto.

Unwind on the balcony, overlooking the verdant garden, while savoring a leisurely drink. Delight in local moments shared with friendly neighbors. Tamao offers unparalleled comfort, reminiscent of staying at a cherish friend’s guesthouse.

A hidden gem exclusively catering to seven discerning groups per day, it’s an unpretentious haven for adults seeking solace.

In the heart of the ancient capital, stands a traditional roof-tiled house that blends in with the historic townscape, as if it has always been there.

The rustic allure of natural materials lovingly embraces the five senses, inviting a feeling of nostalgia and wonder.

A notable craftsmanship born from the synergy of skilled artisans and modern technology, this traditional Japanese house is poised to make its mark in the next 100 years.

After years of absence from Kyoto, our family returned to our hometown where the traditional customs are still in use, and built a bed & breakfast on the site where our family has lived for generations.

While being away and living in France, we experienced a slower, less convenient, and yet mindful life in the mountains that surprisingly led us to understand the value of an ecological lifestyle.

Here at Tamao, we take delight in our daily lives with that same esprit gained from our time there.

Akezu Street runs through the heart of Kyoto,
just one block away from the intersection of Karasuma x Gojo.

Tamao is located on this short, narrow street which has the Inaba Yakushido temple at its northern end.

From Tamao’s door step, Higashi Honganji and the Kamogawa River are just a leisurely stroll away.
And walking a bit further on, you can enjoy the journey to the Kenninji Temple, the Kiyomizu Temple, and the Higashiyama area. Nishiki Market and the shopping areas are also within a comfortable walking distance.

Tamao is also conveniently located near the JR, Hankyu, and Keihan lines, providing easy access to popular tourist destinations all around Kyoto, as well as day trips to Osaka and Nara.