The salon is a welcoming space for unwinding with a book on a leisurely afternoon spent at Tamao.

As daylight begins to fade, enjoy a refreshing aperitif, while reflecting on the day’s experiences and planning tomorrow’s adventures with us.

Enjoy this moment to feel the warmth of a small Bed and Breakfast atmosphere.


Enter our sauna and let the emptiness wash over you, allowing your mind, body, and spirit to rejuvenate in a space free from the outside world.

The space is available for use by an individual, or a group of family and friends.

Similar to a traditional Japanese public bath, our sauna is enjoyed without clothing. However, guests are also welcome to wear swimwear.

Reservation required
4,000 yen / pers. / 60min. 4,800 yen / pers. / 80min.(+tax)

*A cold water bath is not available, and we do not offer swimwear rentals.

Fitnes Gym

At the fitness gym located across the street, you can continue your regular workouts during your stay in Kyoto.

Please bring your own workout clothes. We can provide towels, indoor shoes, and water bottles for your convenience.

*Free of charge for the guests of Tamao.


Begin your day with a nourishing breakfast.

We hope our breakfast will help reset your stomach and revitalize you during your travels.

We invite you to enjoy our breakfast with freshly baked bread at the salon’s grand communal table.


We try to reduce the amount of disposable toiletries commonly used in hotels such as toothbrushes, and we appreciate your cooperation in bringing your own personal toiletries.

However, if you happen to forget any items, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will be happy to assist you with your needs.

We also offer some rental items, as shown on the list below.

amenities available for purchase

  • 歯ブラシセット
    Dental kit
  • ヘアブラシ
    hair brush

Rental items

  • 裁縫道具
    sawing kit
  • 爪切り
    nail clipper
  • 救急箱
    first aid kit
  • アイロンキット
    iron & ironing board
  • 調理器具一式
    cooking equipment*
  • 食器
  • 加湿器
  • 充電器
    mobile charger
  • 変圧コンセント
  • そば殻枕
    Buckwheat husk pillow
  • ヘアアイロン
    hair straightener

※居 24,25,36,37のみ。 IH卓上コンロ、鍋、レードル、菜箸、スパチュラ、ボウル、ナイフ、まな板、キッチンクロス。
*in unit 24,25,36,37 only. IH tabletop stove, Casseroles, ladle, spatula, bowls, knives, cutting board, kitchen clothes.

Kiccho rental Kimono

Kimono Kiccho, located just across from Tamao, offers an elegant collection of premium adult kimono rentals for both men and women who are seeking a high-quality service.

You can choose from a wide range of kimonos starting at 16,500 yen.
Lighter weight summer yukata is also available for 13,200 yen.

They also offer a photo shoot service by a professional photographer, creating a personalized album of your special Kyoto memories.

As the return is the next day, please enjoy your day to the fullest in a kimono.
Please contact us for reservations. We will be happy to assist you.

*at the moment, their website is only in Japanese, however; we are here to help you for reservation.

For Guests with Dogs

There are two rooms available where guests can stay with their dogs. Please review our dog policy and agreement prior to your reservation. We will ask guests for their signature on the agreement at check-in.

Room 21 Unit 22, 23

We kindly ask dog owners to take necessary safety precautions when using the stairs during during their stay.

Room Unit 36

This flat, barrier-free room on the first floor comfortably accommodates up to two guests and one dog. Service dogs of any size are also warmly welcomed.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.